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8 best Java Android architecture libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits ✔

Java Android architecture libraries like Android-CleanArchitecture are great for removing boilerplate code from your projects. It's a library that helps you to remove boilerplate code from your project and provides better modularity. It reduces the amount of code you have to write often and helps you to create cleaner architecture by having well organized classes with a well-defined responsibility. This will help in keeping your codebase clean and readable at the same time. MvpArchComponent is another great library available for Java developers which helps them in creating MVP pattern or Model View Presenter pattern easily. It also helps in implementing MVC pattern in Java application by providing some utility classes (like BasePresenter) that makes it easier to implement MVC pattern in your application. DaggerAndroidMVVM is another library which can be used while building MVP based applications on Android platform by providing some useful utilities. The MVVM architecture pattern is a popular choice for creating modular user interfaces. It was created by Mike Smith at IBM and has become one of the most popular patterns in software development today. It encourages developers to create their own ViewModels or to use the ones provided by third party libraries like Butterknife or Mojarra as well as Android's native support classes such as Activity or Fragment.
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