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8 best Ruby Android architecture libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits ✔

The Ruby Android architecture libraries like fastlane, dryrun, ruboto, calabash-android are used for the workflow automation and integration of multiple services. They help to automate the app builds and test runs for mobile apps by providing easy integration with CI/CD tools like Travis CI or Jenkins. Calabash-Android is a lightweight Android application bundler designed to help you build your app quickly without sacrificing quality or performance. Ruboto is a toolkit for the creation of hybrid mobile apps using the native components of iOS and Android. The main goal of Ruboto is to enable developers to quickly create hybrid apps using their existing skillsets while avoiding low level code. Ruboto is an Android toolkit aimed at helping developers quickly prototype new applications without needing much knowledge in Java or Kotlin. It provides a set of essential tools that allow you to quickly develop new applications without having to worry about complex configuration or boilerplate code anymore! The fastlane library is a collection of tools that help you automate your iOS and Android build processes. It has been around since 2011 and has become one of the most popular open source automation tools for iOS development. Dryrun is a Python tool that helps you create unit tests automatically from the command line in order to discover potential bugs in your code before writing it. This can save you time and make your life easier when testing new features on different devices or operating systems.
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