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7 best C++ Audio Utilities libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits ✔

C++ Audio utility libraries like Oboe, audiowaveform, rtaudio, eagine-all. The purpose of these libraries is to provide a framework for working with audio data generically. They provide tools for reading and writing audio data from files or memory buffers and for transforming the data in various ways. Oboe is a signal processing library for the C++ programming language. It provides a set of useful signal processing functions: filters, amplifiers, delays, and more. Audiowaveform is a C++ library that provides high-quality signal processing in real-time with dedicated hardware support. It uses modern multi-core processors to perform recursive filtering and frequency modulation tasks. RTAudio is an audio library for use with the Microsoft DirectX SDK (DirectX 10) and Microsoft Windows Vista/7/8/10. It provides common functionality such as volume control and audio playback rate modification, but also includes more complex features such as echo cancellation and synthesis using wavetables. Eagine-all is a bundle of libraries for audio workstation applications developed by Intel's Embedded Media team. The library provides support for audio processing tasks such as resampling, buffering, mixing, digital-to-analog conversion, digital-to-analog conversion with variable bit rate compression, impedance matching, analysis, etc. Full list of the best open source C++ Audio utility libraries are given below.
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