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9 best Go Audio Utilities libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits ✔

Go Audio utility is a library of audio processing and synthesizing tools. It includes an audio mixer, code for playing and recording audio, a music synthesizer, and code for generating sound effects. The Go Audio utility library is designed to make it easy to create musical instruments and other kinds of sound output. It also provides a number of convenience functions for playing back or recording audio data. The library uses the Go language's standard package management system to install the code on your computer, so no extra software is required. Rtsp-Simple-Server - Simple RTSP server, which can be used as an interface between your applications and the device with RTSP features (e.g. a TV tuner card). This server supports mobile devices, webcams and other gadgets with supported functions. Joy4 - Joystick library for Go, which provides an easy way to control the GPIO pins of your Raspberry Pi with a joystick or gamepad. GoSound - Sound library for Go, which provides functions for playing sounds from file or memory. It also supports streaming sound over network connections and playing multiple sounds at once. Beep - Beep library for Go, which allows you to play beeps from file or memory through the standard output stream or Music Player Daemon (MPD). Popular open source Go Audio utility libraries among developers include:
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