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5 best Ruby Audio Utilities libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits ✔

Ruby Audio Utility libraries are a way to add sound to your Ruby application without having to write code. Libraries like black_candy, ruby-audio, phishin and mb-sound allow you to do things like play sounds and make your own custom sounds. Ruby Audio utility is a collection of Ruby libraries and tools for working with audio files and manipulating them. The libraries are written in Ruby, but there are also bindings to several other languages available. Black_candy is an audio library that gives you the power to manipulate audio in Ruby. It's not just a wrapper around Csound, it's an entire ecosystem of open source audio software. Ruby-audio helps you make your own audio utility. It contains all the classes necessary to write basic audio processing utilities like equalizers, filters, etc., and more advanced ones such as spectrum analyzers and perceptual weighting systems. Phishin is a set of Ruby bindings for the Phonon API (the multimedia framework developed by KDE). It provides a convenient way to access and manipulate multimedia streams, including video and audio streams (both local or remote), subtitles and other data formats. mb-sound lets you easily create your own soundfonts from scratch or load existing ones from SND files or Ogg Vorbis streams. Check out the list of free, open source Ruby Audio Utility libraries to help you with your projects.
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