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10 best C++ IT Ops libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits ✔

C++ IT Ops libraries like readerwriterqueue, nanobench, reverb, attitude_estimator can be used to monitor and manage performance of your application. They are useful for both small and large applications, and can be used to predict performance issues before they happen. C++ is a great language for writing software that runs in the cloud. It has many libraries and tools that make it easy to build applications and distribute them to users. ReaderWriterQueue is an actor model that allows you to design asynchronously executing systems. It enables you to perform synchronous tasks in a "deterministic" way without locking or blocking threads. Nanobench is a lightweight benchmarking library for C++. It eliminates the overhead associated with writing benchmarks by providing an extremely simple API for measuring execution time and memory consumption within your application. Reverb is a C++ library that provides run-time reflection over the standard streams (for example std::cin & std::cout) but also on user-defined output streams such as cout & cerr. The library features thread-safe access to these objects and support for automatic resource management (such as automatic deallocation). There are several popular open source C++ IT Ops libraries available for developers
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