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5 best C# IT Ops libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits ✔

C# IT Ops libraries are the most complete IT Ops solutions available today. These libraries provide a set of tools and features that can be used to implement IT Ops for any organization. In addition, they allow you to build your own custom solutions using all the components you want. A common use case is the deployment of applications in production environments. This can be done by using C# IT Ops libraries like kamus, operacao-politica-supervisionada, Cerberus-Repo, Black-Ops-II-Sound-Studio and more. Kamus is an open source, real-time monitoring tool that collects logs from your systems and stores them in your own Elasticsearch cluster. It provides a simple API to send events to the Katus server or other tools like Grafana. Katus is an open source monitoring platform that watches your infrastructure for changes and alerts you of any issues before they impact production. Operacao-politica-supervisionada is an open source toolkit that allows you to create policies based on host attributes, service types and user groups. Policies can be applied at the application level or at the system level (hosting). You can also integrate it with other tools like Grafana or Prometheus. Cerberus-Repo is an open source tool for managing Docker containers across multiple hosts in a production environment. It monitors each container's performance and health as well as making sure all containers are running correctly by taking advantage of security features such as RBAC, role based access control (RBAC). Popular open source C# IT Ops libraries include.
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