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6 best Ruby IT Ops libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits ✔

Ruby IT Ops libraries like azureml-ops-accelerator, mobystash, and prun-ops are great for automating routine tasks in your cloud infrastructure. AzureML-Ops Accelerator is a library that allows you to write your code once and then run it against multiple data sources. It does not require any changes to your code or configuration on the Azure side. The code written against AzureML-Ops Accelerator will work with any number of different data sources without requiring any changes in the source code. MobyStash is an open source library that allows you to perform ETL and analytics on large amounts of data using a set of common tools. It is designed to support distributed processing on Hadoop clusters and other types of infrastructure. You can use the MobyStash API or NuGet packages to integrate with your existing systems, databases, or third-party systems such as Splunk or Logstash. Prun Ops (pronounced "prune") is a lightweight wrapper around rspec and cucumber that makes it easy to write tests with examples that include string input, comments and line breaks. The same functionality can be found in RSpec or Cucumber, but Prun is much more convenient because it treats strings like any other type in Ruby. Ops- scripts provide a lot of common functionality for testing gems and applications in various stages of development — from creating tests and integrating them into an existing code base. Many developers depend on the following open source Ruby IT Ops libraries.
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