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5 best C# PWA libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits ✔

There are several C# libraries that you can use to build your PWAs with. RecursiveExtractor is a C# library for extracting data from recursive data sources. It uses a simple, yet powerful, approach to parsing HTML and JSON results. pwabuilder-ios is a library for building Progressive Web Apps (PWA) on the iOS platform. It provides the ability to create custom manifest files and handle all of the different aspects of development on iOS platforms. TheLastTime is a C# library that allows developers to easily create PWA's using tools like Angular and Vue.js. It uses ReactJS as its rendering engine, so you'll have to make sure your app is compatible if you want this library to work with it! It helps you create an iOS app that uses the last time function on the device to record your data and save it to a file. You can use this for any application that is using the pwa.yaml format. xamarin-forms-pwa is an open source library for building PWAs using Xamarin Forms. Xamarin Forms Player View is a framework that allows you to display videos in your app without any code required. This can be used for any application that has been created with Xamarin Forms or another UI framework such as React Native or Flutter.
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