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10 best JavaScript PWA libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits ✔

The JavaScript PWA libraries provide a way to build a Progressive Web App that can be delivered using the same ways as any other website, on the web and in apps. The use of JavaScript PWA libraries like workbox, next-pwa, pwa-studio, sample-media-pwa helps in making your client application faster and easier to use. It has its own advantages over vanilla JavaScript applications. The biggest advantage is that it gives your web application an instant user experience without any plugin or external dependency. Using such libraries also let you add more features in your application without worrying about how much it would take to build them in your codebase. They use modern technologies such as Service Workers, Push Notifications and Offline capabilities that help users stay connected even when they're not connected to the Internet. Workbox is a JavaScript PWA library for building responsive, offline capable, progressive web apps with minimal effort and zero boilerplate code. It supports server side rendering (SSR), a technique which allows clients to update at runtime by sending new content from the server rather than having the client wait for it to download each time the page loads. The Next-PWA library is an open source JavaScript framework that supports Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and features useful features like offline support, push notifications, and more.
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