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9 best C++ Robotics libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits ✔

The C++ Robotics libraries are a solid foundation for building robotics applications. They provide a set of ready-made classes, components, and algorithms that can be used to create complex robotic systems. The libraries are based on the Simbody framework and provide functions for robot motion planning, manipulator control, and collision detection. Simbody is a library for describing kinematic and dynamic behavior of physical systems. It uses geometric primitives to describe the motion of bodies, as well as joints, constraints, and links. Gtsam is a code generation tool that generates program code based on models. GTSam is a set of open source libraries for implementing robotic kinematics on-the-fly. It supports many different types of robots, including humanoid robots, industrial robots, and mobile manipulation tools. CppRobotics is an open-source library for building robotic applications using C++ programming language. It provides easy-to-use facilities for creating robotics applications with C++11/14/17 support. Control-toolbox C++ Robotics libraries are used to develop control software for robotic hardware like mobile robots or robots with manipulator arms. These libraries provide APIs to access various types of sensors such as IMU, cameras and LIDARs to detect the position, orientation and other properties of the robot or its parts (e.g., grippers). Popular open source C++ Robotics libraries for developers include:
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