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6 best JavaScript RPA libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits ✔

JavaScript RPA libraries like TagUI, RPA and Gatf can be used to automate the tasks in your application. These libraries allow you to build an application that can perform multiple repetitive tasks with minimal human intervention. These can be used for a variety of purposes such as data collection and manipulation, data analysis and reporting etc. Most companies today are using JavaScript RPA tools to help them automate their existing processes. TagUI is a multi-platform GUI for processing and exploring text data in a variety of formats. It enables users to easily extract data from text documents. ARK_AUTOMATE is an open source project developed by a team of researchers at Microsoft Research. The project provides the ability to automate high-quality machine learning algorithms for various tasks in artificial intelligence and deep learning. GATF (General Automation Tool for Formulas) is a library for building rules that support multiple parsing formats such as XML and JSON. ARK_automate is a JavaScript library for building REST APIs with ease. It leverages client-side databases like MongoDB, PostgreSQL and SQLite3 to provide strong guarantees about storage durability while reducing development overhead by allowing you to focus on creating beautiful interfaces rather than managing persistence concerns. Many developers depend on the following open source JavaScript RPA libraries
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