Build a Breast Cancer Prediction Model - Certification

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  1. Support Vector Machine can be used for what types of use cases? 

  2. The toy dataset discussed in the Breast Cancer Prediction Model was using _____________.

  3. Support vector machines are ______ .

  4. Naive Bayes classifiers are a collection of classification algorithms based on____ .

  5. ____is used to learn a linear classifier to classify a non-linear dataset. 

  6. OPTIONAL ACHIEVEMENT CERTIFICATE - Upgrade your Participation Certificate to an Achievement Certificate by answering the below optional practical question

    In this training, we discussed how Breast Cancer Prediction Model is built using SVM and we discussed how you can modify different parameters to tune the model for better performance. Download and run the Breast Cancer Prediction model kit and share with us a screenshot/photo/video of the changes you implemented to enhance the accuracy of this kit.