Build your own Snakes & Ladders Game - Certification

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  1. In the Snakes and Ladders kit what kind of file is used for styling? 

  2. Which language is used in Snakes and Ladders game? 

  3. Sides of dice in this kit are created using _____.

  4. Which is the heart of any Node project? 

  5. Which is a modern JavaScript utility library delivering modularity, performance & extras? 

  6. OPTIONAL ACHIEVEMENT CERTIFICATE - Upgrade your Participation Certificate to an Achievement Certificate by answering the below optional practical question

    In this training, we discussed how the Snakes and Ladders game can be built and customize it by changing the number of players. Download and run the Snakes and Ladders game kit and share with us a screenshot/photo/video of the changes you implemented in your application.