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9 best Java Application libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits โœ”

Java is one of the most used programming language. It's fast, can run on almost any operating system, and is being updated constantly to improve security. It is platform independent makes it is a great choice for developers to build enterprise-grade applications and it allows multiple inheritance. It is used in building highly efficient software with minimum code. It is also popular because it has a rich set of open source libraries that can be used in developing applications across various domains. Java open source libraries are the best tools for developers to implement and develop the Java application with more features. Some of the most widely used Java Application open source libraries among developers include: jib - Build container images for your Java applications; spring-boot-admin - Admin UI for administration of spring boot applications; micronaut-core - Micronaut Application Framework.
  • ยฉ 2022 Open Weaver Inc.