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8 best C++ Architecture libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits ✔

Architecture is a design pattern that describes the way a system should be organized to meet required functionalities. C++ architecture libraries like lager, thunder, occa, khepri are used to model and implement the architectural patterns in a C++ program. The main purpose of using these libraries is to provide a structure for the application programmers so that they can easily understand how an application is structured and what components are involved in its design. C++ provides various ways to implement an application's architecture. Lager is a C++ library that provides a high-level interface to many types of relational database systems and other data sources. The goal of lager is to create a complete implementation that can be used for developing applications for any kind of database system. Thunder is an advanced C++ template library for creating high-performance networked applications. Thunder includes support for TCP/IP sockets and Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)/User Datagram Protocol (UDP) sockets, IPv4 and IPv6 unicast address support; stream I/O on UDP streams, server sockets, message queues, semaphores and shared memory objects. Many developers depend on the following open source C++ architecture libraries
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