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5 best C++ Assertion libraries in 2022

by kandi kits

The C++ Assertion library is a collection of macros for performing assertions and compile-time checks. It is a very useful tool for finding bugs in code during the early stages of development. If you want to use an Assertion library for C++, you have to make a decision on which one to use. There are many different libraries with different features. Some of them are quite old and were already used in C++98, others are more modern and only support C++11 or even later language versions. Some libraries are very small and easy to integrate into any project, others require some additional work. In this kit we will give you an overview of the most important assertion libraries for C++ debug_assert - Simple, flexible and modular assertion macro; PPK_ASSERT - a cross platform dropin & selfcontained C assertion library; asserts - The most overengineered C assertion library.