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by sidhima

Facebook's Metaverse is vaporware as of today, but it has people talking and looking at new opportunities. Especially the developers: with virtual reality all set to raid the mainstream, application development that can support 3-dimensional experiences do display certain developmental complications and require experimentation. In fact, Statista reports that virtual reality is a market the size of $4.8 billion (2021). That being so, there is immense potential and a bright future for developers honing their skills in the niche. Metaverse isn’t a single entity, as opposed to common belief: it is merely a “status” or a platform where people can gather, kind of like social media. In fact, tech-biggies like Microsoft and Nvidia have their own purpose-driven versions of metaverse platforms where users can log on and accomplish certain goals. Commercial biggie metaverses apart, there are quite a few open-source metaverses in the realm – like that of Mozilla i.e. Mozilla Hub. Developers take note: virtual reality is soon coming into the mainstream, and the development of applications that can bridge the real and the virtual is going to be in demand. Open source holds quite a leverage in the development of metaverse components, being universal and readily implementable. Much like the 1900s saw a boom in two-dimensional internet, 2020 and onwards is the era of three-dimensional experiences in virtual reality. There is a high opportunity and potential for the developers here. So, if you are looking to kickstart your Metaverse application development, here are trending libraries that help will you ace your requirements.
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