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Reusable Libraries for Popular DAOs

by abala

If you’re building a decentralized app, or dApp—and who isn’t these days?—you’ll probably need to integrate with a DAO. Decentralized autonomous organizations, or DAOs, are the future of internet communities. They’re literally transparent computer programs that run on rules established by their members. Imagine that you're part of a community, say, an interest group, and you want to build something together. Now imagine that you could do that over the internet, without ever having to physically meet up or travel. Now imagine that this organization was governed not by a centralized leader, but by its members. Enter decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). A DAO is a social organization embodied by rules integrated into a transparent computer program, under the control of organization members. In other words, it's an online community of people who have a shared interest in building something together—and it's controlled entirely by those people. Members come together to build the organization, establish the objectives, and set the rules for funding the DAO mission. The core is establishing rules through community voting: these are established as smart contracts—pieces of code that cannot be changed without approval from members of the community. Some popular DAOs include Raid Guild, Metafactory, Aragon, KyberDAO, Saint Fame, and others. Maybe you want to start a DAO because you have a specific mission in mind that could benefit from an open-source approach, or maybe you're just curious about what's out there. Either way, we're here to help! Here are some open-source libraries that can help you get started building your own applications for some of the more popular DAOs.