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This kit is for for the BuildWithAi Hackathon. The name of the project is "Read-Easy" This project is to provide an adaptive and immersive learning tool for students with dyslexia. Read Easy is a platform that helps teachers convert existing learning materials to suit the needs of students with dyslexia. It involves a Dyslexic Friendly Reader that provides the student to control things like Font size, Font Spacing, Read out the words, Visualise the words etc. The platform also provides a predictive assessment tool that takes in the students handwriting and checks if they are improving.

Core Frameworks

The backend is written in Flask ( Python ) which provides the API interaction between the server and the DB The frontend is written in Svelte and enables an interactive UI. Handwriting Recognition is done using Tesseract OCR module and the text to speech is based on the browsers Text to Speech Library.

Other tools

Kit Solution Source

Backend Codebase: https://github.com/steinskeeper/read-easy-backend Frontend Codebase: https://github.com/4Coders-BuildwithAi/read-easy-frontend

Kit Deployment Instructions

BACKEND Create a virtualenv virtualenv [ your env name ] Create .env file in backend folder with the following fields. Replace the value according to your environment. DATABASE=postgres DB_USER=db_user_name DB_PASSWORD=db_password HOST_ADDRESS=localhost:5432 DB_NAME=db_name Install Packages pip install -r requirements.txt Create DB (Postgres) createdb db_name Development Server export FLASK_APP=server export FLASK_ENV=development # run migrations once flask db upgrade flask run FRONTEND npm install npm run dev
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