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Data Summary : Resources that have been shared for the problem statement has info about food items and their description. Also we had order info from both donor and from consumer side orders on daily basis. We have done data cleaning and preprocessing as required. Recommendation system : In order to control the food wastage we have built Recommendation engine using "item-item based collaborative filtering" to recommend the items which expire early and are more in consumption. Data Analysis : We have developed a dashboard on tableau using cleaned datasets and these analysis can be used to match supply-demand of different types of food and to give an overview to the NGO, donors and consumers on how to reduce the food wastage.


machine learing

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our solutions and the assests are available in the below repository. https://github.com/amd020398/artificial-brains

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The entire solution is availbale in the repository .you can download and run it using Xampp or wamp.
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