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by prbehere93

A django web app for searching relevant courses from a list of more than 5000 courses (from Udemy, Edx and Coursera) and make study groups by connecting people from the same timezones and having similar interests. It uses a content based recommendation i.e. built by creating a cosine-similarity matrix from the user search-query.

Solution Source is not available for this kit.

Django Webapp (deployed on heroku)

Django and related libraries i.e. used for building the web application.

Data Analysis and Course-recommendation engine

Used for calculating cosine-similarity matrix based on user-entered queries.

Kit Deployment Instructions

For local deployment - 1- Clone the git repository 2- Make a virtual environment with the package-manager of your choice (use requirments.txt to install all dependencies) 3- Activate the virtual environment 4- Run python manage.py makemigrations 5- Run python manage.py migrate 6- To start the webapp locally run - python manage.py runserver --settings config.dev_settings
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