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Top 12 Altcoin Libraries

by abala

If you've been looking for open source libraries to help you build Altcoin applications, this is the post for you. When Bitcoin was released in 2008, it blew everyone's minds. It was the first peer-to-peer currency transfer system that didn't require any intermediary—no banks, no credit card companies. It was also open source and decentralized, so everyone could use it equally. But there are lots of issues with Bitcoin as well, including scalability and security. So people started to create their own cryptocurrencies, called Altcoins. Altcoins are alternatives to bitcoins. They're often used to solve problems that have come up with bitcoin and other cryptocurrency users. What's interesting about Altcoin is that they're built on top of bitcoin's open source code, then modified to fit the needs of their developers and users. Now there are hundreds of these Altcoins out there, each doing something a little different than others. They're mostly open source and decentralized as well, but some help to solve the problems Bitcoin has with security or scalability better than others. In the past few years, the number of Altcoins has increased exponentially—just like the number of Bitcoin applications. We love seeing people use these open source libraries in their own development projects, so we're highlighting some of the popular open source libraries across Ethereum, Aave, Lucky Block, Cardano, Decentraland, Algorand and others.
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