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11 best JavaScript Cloud Database libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits βœ”

The JavaScript Cloud Database libraries can be used with any database that is supported by the USENET protocol (TCP/IP). It supports SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. These libraries are a great way to store data in the cloud. You can use these libraries to store your data and retrieve it later when you need it. ToolJet is a JavaScript Cloud Database library that provides a fully managed service for working with databases. The service includes tools for creating, migrating, and managing databases from the cloud. It also supports using SQL as well as other programming languages such as JavaScript and Python.sqlpad is a JavaScript library that allows you to quickly build scalable, real-time web applications. It's free and open source. node-gcm is a NodeJS library that allows you to communicate with Google Cloud Datastore from nodejs applications without any external dependencies or server side code. There are several popular open source JavaScript Cloud Database libraries available for developers