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7 best Java Document Database libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits ✔

Java Document Database libraries are used to store information in a document-oriented way. They provide easy-to-use APIs for creating, reading, updating and deleting documents from a NoSQL database. A document database allows you to store both hierarchical and non-hierarchical data in different formats, such as JSON or XML. This makes them more flexible than relational databases, which only allow structured queries that return columns with predefined types (for example, "int"). Zeppelin is a distributed, collaborative, and iterative data analytics and visualization tool. It allows you to play with data in an interactive notebook environment that runs in the browser. It supports SQL-like queries, visualizations, and rich table formatting. KSQL is a streaming SQL engine for Apache Kafka, which makes it easy to integrate SQL into Kafka-based applications. KSQL lets you query data in real time using standard ANSI SQL syntax, and can be used much like a traditional database management system (DBMS) client to interact with data streams at scale. OrientDB is a document database management system which supports JSON documents (JSONB). It has ACID transactions with MVCCs and secondary indexes. A few of the most popular open source Java Document Database libraries for developers are,