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6 best PHP Document Database libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits ✔

PHP Document Database libraries are a great way to store and retrieve data in your PHP applications. They work by creating a table for each document type, and then storing the data for each instance of that document in rows of that table. PHP document databases support rich queries, which allow you to query based on properties from different documents, making them useful for performing tasks such as search engine indexing or analysis. PHP Document Database libraries like SleekDB, flywheel, Filebase can be used to store and access data. These libraries convert PHP arrays into JSON object and vice versa. They are also capable of storing PHP arrays as BLOBs in a database. SleekDB is a document database for PHP5. It supports MongoDB style queries on documents, and has ORM support for Doctrine 2 and Propel. Flywheel is a database library for PHP7 that implements the Flywheel Protocol, which allows you to use your own storage backend (such as Amazon S3) while still using the familiar Flywheel API. Filebase is a simple library which allows you to access files in a directory-like manner within your code base. Popular open source PHP Document Database libraries among developers include
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