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9 best C++ Graph Database libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits ✔

C++ Graph Database libraries are used to build graph databases. They provide the functionality needed to create, query and update graphs in a database. The use of C++ graph database libraries is a great way to build complex data-centric applications. The combination of a graph database and the powerful C++ language provides an excellent framework for building highly concurrent and scalable applications. C++ Graph Database libraries like nebula, SFrame, NGT are the way to go for creating large-scale graph databases. They provide efficient ways of storing and querying large amounts of data. These libraries provide an excellent platform to build distributed graph database systems. Nebula is a modern C++ graph database with SQL support and an open source alternative to Neo4j. It’s an easy-to-use library that makes it easy for developers to store and query graphs in their applications without having to worry about schema design or why they would want to use a graph database in their application. SFrame is a Apache Spark-based library for building distributed graph-oriented workloads on top of Apache Spark clusters. SFrame provides utility methods for loading and storing graphs in form of DataFrames, which can then be manipulated using SQL queries or any other Spark APIs such as functional transformations or machine learning algorithms. Popular open source C++ Graph Database libraries include:
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