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8 best Go Graph Database libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits ✔

Gogrpah is a graph library for Go that allows you to create and query graphs in your application. The Go database libraries are no exception. You can use the database libraries in your application to access data from different databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB etc. Dgraph is an open source, distributed graph database written in Go. Dgraph is a scalable, distributed, fault tolerant, native graph database. It's built from the ground up for efficiency and performance. Cayley is an open-source graph database developed by Facebook. Cayley uses an expressive query language that enables developers to express complex queries with ease. Simple-Graph is a simple graph database implemented with Go's testing package. It's designed to be simple, fast, and reliable, which makes it easy to deploy at scale.Eliasdb is a pure-Go embedded key/value store with JSON documents, indexes and queries. It is an open source distributed graph database that stores data in native binary format instead of JSON or BSON files like other solutions do today. Many developers depend on the following open source Go Graph Database libraries: