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8 best Python Graph Database libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits ✔

Cartography is another Python library that makes it easy to render maps in your applications. It comes with support for OpenStreetMap and Google Maps, but you can also use custom tilesets if you want more control over how things look. Neomodel is a Python library that lets you store models in Neo4j and query them using Cypher, the graph database query language developed by Neo4j. This means that instead of writing SQL queries, you'll be able to write Cypher queries directly against your data, which should make it easier to build up complex relationships between different entities in your application. The Python graph database ecosystem is a combination of several different libraries that can be used to store and query graphs. Python Graph Database libraries are great for building graph-based applications. They provide an easy and intuitive way to store and process graphs in your application. Popular open source Python graph database libraries for developers include: