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8 best C# Image Manipulation libraries in 2022

by naveen.kumar@openweaver.com

Image manipulation is the art of processing an image in a way that looks different from the original image. It can be used for various purposes like making a thumbnail of an image, adding watermarks to it, etc. There are many ways to perform these operations. We can use the built-in function provided by the .NET Framework or we can use some external libraries. Developers tend to use some of the following open source C# libraries: ImageSharp - A modern, crossplatform, 2D Graphics library for .NET; PixelViewer - a .NET based cross-platform image viewer written by C# which supports reading raw Luminance/YUV/RGB/ARGB/Bayer pixels data from file and rendering it; DeveMazeGeneratorCore - new version of my maze generator, now made with .NET Core. Check out the list of free, open source libraries to help you with your projects.
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