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10 best C++ Image Generator libraries in 2022

by naveen.kumar@openweaver.com

The C++ Image Generator libraries are a collection of advanced algorithms to generate images of different sizes and shapes, with random colors and text overlays. You can do the batch processing and make images your own by adding a logo and noise overlay. Also, they can be used to do advanced image generation tasks like data augmentation, and multi-processing for efficient CPU and GPU utilization. These libraries can be used in the field of computer graphics, image processing, and scientific computing. When using the JPEG compression, the resulting image quality can be improved by manipulating the compression rate. The compression rate can be defined within a range of 0 to 100 (where 100 means maximum quality and minimum compression). The algorithms in OpenCV do not depend on external libs such as libjpeg or libpng for image coding. Some of the most popular C++ libraries among developers are: TurboJPEG (cross-platform, very easy to use, good documentation, supports a lot of formats), jpegoptim (cross-platform, command line tool), guetzli (Google's new JPEG algorithm), jpegtran (JPEG transcoding utility). Others include EasyBMP - One .hpp source file class with support to build BMP images with simple format and easy; OmniCV-Lib - A computer vision library for omnidirectional cameras. A comprehensive list of the best open-source libraries also include Papaya - A GPU-powered image editor; AcidMaps - Interpolated Images Generator. Many developers depend on these and following open-source libraries:
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