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5 best C# Key Value Database libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits ✔

C# key value database libraries are an excellent way to store data in a fast and reliable way. It has many advantages over other databases like NoSQL databases, relational databases and document databases. Many companies use these key value databases for storing their data. C# Key Value Database libraries DBreeze, BTDB and Akavache, etc are a good choice if you need a fast and reliable key-value storage. DBreeze is one of the best key value stores which offers high performance and scalability. It can be used for storing large volumes of data within short time period. It supports serialization, compression, encryption and much more features which makes it more flexible than other key value stores available in the market today. Akavache is another key value database that you can use when you have an application that is using C# Key Value Database libraries. BTDB is a high performance and fully ACID compliant key-value database engine for .NET/.NET Core. BTDB is written in C#using for all data structures, hence it is very efficient in terms of memory usage. A few of the most popular open source C# key value database libraries for developers are