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5 best PHP Key Value Database libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits ✔

PHP Key Value database library stores values as key-value pairs. It's similar to Ruby's Hash, Python's dict and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) in structure but unlike them it can be used to store any type of data. Laravel supports key value storage using the Laravel Options package included with the framework. The options package provides an easy way to create custom options that users can set in their config/app.php file. Laravel-options is a PHP Key Value Database library that makes it easy to store and retrieve complex data. The logic can be encapsulated in classes, so you don't have to write it yourself. Flintstone is a PHP Key Value Database library that is really easy to use. It allows you to store and retrieve values using native PHP objects, arrays and keys. Flintstone is a drop-in replacement for PHP Key Value Database library. It supports all the same features as its competitors while being easy to extend with your own storage methods. Flintstone's key value storage is fully compatible with all of the popular PHP Key Value Database library. There are several popular open source PHP Key Value database libraries available for developers,