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Automated Breast Cancer Prediction System

by rakesh2503011

I have created this project as part of the 24Hr AI Challenge. In this running society now a days Breast Cancer is a common diseases for woman. So we have be aware with this things so we have checked up our body so that's so expensive now a day. I implement a Automated Breast Cancer Prediction System Using Machine Leaning. To give" radius_mean texture_mean perimeter_mean area_mean smoothness_mean compactness_mean concavity_mean concave points_mean symmetry_mean fractal_dimension_mean fractal_dimension_se radius_worst texture_worst perimeter_worst area_worst smoothness_worst compactness_worst concavity_worst concave points_worst symmetry_worst " this all attributes value we can predict the woman is suffering form Breast Cancer or not. I check this system using SVM , Decision tree , Random forest models and conformed that Random forest model provide us higher % of accuracy than SVM and Decision tree. The Source With the demo is available in the link below : - https://github.com/rakeshhazari123/Automated-Breast-Cancer-Prediction-System
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