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Climate Change Fake News Detector

by pranjuljain

Our solution is to make an AI fake news detector that helps to detect fake news through binary classification techniques and helps to build a better experience by controlling the flow of disinformation in politics, businesses, climate change, general, and more. It's built with help of various powerful machine learning libraries and a Kandi kit. In this solution, we have also used NumPy for Data Analysis and Exploration, nltk is used for text Mining. Also for Machine Learning and sentence embedding, Scikit Learn has been used. This tool works by training a neural network to spot fake articles based on their text content. When you run your data through this tool, it gives you back a list of articles that it thinks are likely to be fake. In addition to identifying fake news, this model can also identify real news from fake ones. This allows you to compare the model's performance across different domains like politics, sports, business, etc. Our idea solves the problem of fake news circulation in media. As this is a major issue which has many times led to great losses in money and property both private and government because people believed in something fake. As the internet is a two-edged sword it has provided us with a lot of information but also much of it is fake or fabricated hence to stop such meaningless losses to people we have created this programm. Using this people should be able to know which information is true and which is false and thus they won't be led astray due to any fake/false news.
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