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Fake News Predictor

by lakshmanprabhu8920

I am giving my ideas and opinions to solve the problem of spreading fake information as a news in various social media platforms .i suggest few ways for rectifying and avoid fake spreading via shared among ourselves without having a clear knowledge about the reality of the news .lets start exploring my opinions . 1. First we had to create machine learning model. 2.Then, train this model to predict the information present in the news is either 'TRUE' or 'FALSE'. 3.This prediction can be done using NLP using available libraries along with small alterations. 4.In NLP , it compares the present information news data with the available data sets present in the existing data sets. 5.This 'TRUE' or 'FALSE' predicted answer assures us the new is legit or not. 6.Then we can share only the real news among our family and friends. 7.Those models are trained with artificial intelligence . 8.Upto my knowledge it might be a better way to get solution for the use case mentioned for the challenge. I am from a non-coding background (Electronics and Communication Engineering), so its hard for me to source code for this ideas .If my ideas was right then just consider to build app .All the above mentioned ideas are from referring many papers ,journals and adding my creative solution along with them to find out the solution.
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