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How to Find the Frequency of Words in a Sentence in Java

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by Abdul Rawoof A R dot icon Updated: Jan 19, 2023

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The frequency of a word refers to how many times it appears in a given text or dataset. In Java, getting the frequency of a word can be helpful in a variety of natural language processing (NLP) tasks, such as text analysis, text classification, and information retrieval. For example, the frequency of a word can be used to determine the most common words in a text, which can then be used to classify the text or extract meaningful information from it. 

To get the frequency of words in a string, we can follow an algorithm: 

  • Use a Map data structure to store the occurrence of each word in a string. 
  • Check to see if the current word is in the map by going through the full string. Update the frequency of the current word if it is already there; else, enter the word with frequency 1. 
  • The frequency of each term is printed as you go around the map. 

This is an effortless way to find all the words occurring multiple times in a string of words or a file. 

Here is how to find the frequency of words in a sentence in Java;

Fig 1: Preview of code snippet in IDE.

Fig 2: Preview of the output that you will get on running this code from your IDE.



  1. Copy the code using the "Copy" button above, and paste it in a Java file in your IDE(IntelliJ Preferable).
  2. Run the file to generate the output.

Note: Create main method and then copy the code snippet inside the main method.

I hope you found this useful.

I found this code snippet by searching for "how to get the frequency of a word using Java" in kandi. You can try any such use case!

Environment Tested

I tested this solution in the following versions. Be mindful of changes when working with other versions.

  1. The solution is created in IntelliJ IDE and Java jdk-'11.0.17'.
  2. The solution is tested on Java 11.0.17.

Using this solution, we are able to get the frequency of a word using java with simple steps. This process also facilities an easy way to use, hassle-free method to create a hands-on working version of code which would help us to get the frequency of a word using Java.


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