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Disinformation Prevention Solutions

by abala

Frances Haugen, a Facebook whistleblower, has shared a series of bombshell leaks through the Wall Street Journal and spoke publicly through CBS's 60 Minutes. The 'Facebook Files' published allege that Facebook repeatedly prioritized growth over safety. She alleges that Facebook dissolved its civic integrity team and turned off other election protection measures such as misinformation prevention tools post the US election and is optimizing for content that gets engagement. Still, its research showed that the content is hateful and polarizing. The files also indicated that Facebook research found that Instagram was impacting the mental health of teenagers but did not share its findings. Facebook has denied the allegations. While respective authorities review these specific allegations and adopt global frameworks, we can build our platforms to be more resilient to disinformation. kandi kit on Disinformation Prevention Solutions showcases open source libraries that you can use in your applications and platforms to tackle core issues such as hate speech and fake news.