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by abala

The Trump Media and Technology Group is being investigated by Software Freedom Conservancy for non-compliance with copyleft licensing. The issue stems from President Donald Trump’s new social network, Truth Social appearing to be forked from Mastodon. While Mastodon is open source and available to use, it is licensed under Affero General Public License (or AGPLv3) that requires The Trump Media and Technology Group to share its source code with all who used the site. If they fail to do this within 30 days, their rights and permissions in the software are automatically and permanently terminated, making their platform inoperable. So if you are just a developer or a former POTUS, copyleft provisions apply to all. If you want to use open source, use kandi.openweaver.com. All libraries are matched to SPDX license definitions and highlighted clearly for appropriate use. Privacy, regulation, bias, and many other issues are weighing down popular social networks. Users are seeking self-hosted social platforms that can be governed by themselves. But do use them with the appropriate licenses. The kandi kit on Opensource Social Platforms lists popular opensource libraries that you can use to host private social channels.
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