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5 best C++ Microservice libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits ✔

On the other hand, if you use C++ microservice libraries like app-mash, edgelessrt, libcluon then this will be perfect for building distributed systems. These libraries have been designed from the ground up to run on multiple machines without any issues and handle distributed systems very well. Libraries like app-mash and edgelessrt are designed with the C++11 standard, so they don’t require you to use any other framework for building your service. Also, these libraries have been tested on Linux and Windows systems and have been used successfully by many developers worldwide. libcluon is also a good choice for building microservices in C++ because it has been tested on both Linux and Windows systems as well as Mac OS X systems. It provides a set of tools that help developers with their daily work: from creating new projects, testing them and deploying them on different platforms (including mobile platforms). App-Mash is a rapid application development framework for easy deployment of web applications. It's built on top of Google App Engine standard library and runs on both Google App Engine and Google Cloud Platform. App-Mash provides a full stack for building robust web applications with all the tools needed to build high performance services: database support, caching, authentication, internationalization support and more. There are several popular open source C++ microservice libraries available for developers:
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