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10 best Go Microservice libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits โœ”

Go microservices are small, single-purpose services that can be independently deployed and scaled. This approach is often used in applications that need to scale well, such as production systems or web applications. One of the biggest advantages of using Go microservices libraries is that you get better performance and reliability than you would by writing your own code. You also avoid the maintenance overhead of managing a monolithic application. Kratos is an open source library that implements Erlang actor framework in Go. Actor-model based systems are one of the most popular patterns for building distributed systems. Actors are lightweight processes that communicate with each other via message passing, which makes them very scalable and durable. Kratos provides an implementation of Erlang actors for Go so you can easily build high performance, reliable systems on top of it. Nomad is another open source library that implements Erlang actor framework in Go and works with kubectl to manage your cluster from within your program code. Nomad supports all kinds of clusters (mock, test) but its main goal is to provide a consistent interface between operations that want a cluster (e.g., Kubernetes). Popular open source Go microservice libraries include:
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