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11 best Java Microservice libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits ✔

It is very difficult to maintain a large monolithic application. It is also difficult to release new features and bug fixes. But using the Java Microservice libraries like apollo, nacos, armeria can easily solve these problems. The microservice approach has been around for a while now and is being used by many organizations to improve their efficiency, increase the speed of delivery and enhance the quality of their products. Apollo is an open source framework that provides efficient support for building fast and scalable distributed applications with a unified programming model. Apollo uses HTTP as its primary protocol and provides an HTTP client implementation that supports all of the major web browsers (including IE6) as well as other clients such as curl and wget. Apollo also supports streaming data using either Netty or GZIP compression for efficient high-volume data transfers over low bandwidth connections. Nacos is a lightweight library for building reactive asynchronous systems in Java SE 9+. The main purpose of NACOS is to provide a simple yet robust way to create asynchronous applications using Java SE 9+ functional interfaces with low overhead on thread creation overhead and/or blocking calls at the expense of some performance impact due to the need to manage threads yourself. Some of the most popular among developers are:
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