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5 best PHP Microservice libraries in 2022

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PHP Microservice is an alternative to the traditional web application architecture based on the use of microservices. The main idea behind this architecture is that each service should be completely independent from other services and should have its own state. Microservice libraries like swoft, hyperf, flyimg make it easier to build PHP microservices by providing a common set of tools for developing scalable applications in PHP. Swoft is a microservice framework for developing REST APIs in PHP. It provides a set of tools and libraries that help you build REST API services quickly and easily. Swoft has a variety of features including authentication and authorization, data access strategies, middleware support, as well as support for various HTTP methodologies. Hyperf is a lightweight PHP microservice toolkit built on top of Symfony components. It offers you an easy way to create HTTP services in an efficient, secure way from the ground up. With Hyperf you can easily create: HTTP API, HTTP API with asynchronous calls or callbacks and many other features that will help you build scalable applications quickly. Many developers depend on the following open source PHP Microservice libraries:
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