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5 best Ruby Microservice libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits ✔

The Ruby Microservice library is a set of often-used modules that can be used to build more complex applications. The library includes a number of microservices, which are small and simple programs that perform a specific function. The Ruby Microservice library contains many microservices, each designed to solve a different type of problem. Kontena is a project that helps you to manage your full stack CI/CD pipeline, including your Docker registry, Kubernetes clusters, CI/CD pipelines and Docker images management. It has a simple yet powerful UI and integrates with other tools like Jenkins and GitlabCI. Stitches is a library for building complex tasks in an easy way. It makes it possible to use many languages in the same task by providing abstractions over different types of tasks (for example, creating HTML pages or running unit tests) via DSLs written in Python or JavaScript. The library can be used from Ruby as well as from other languages such as Java or Kotlin. Expeditor is a toolkit for managing dockerized applications in AWS environments. You can use it for setting up multi-tier applications on AWS or hybrid cloud infrastructures where you need to run services on-premises and manage them through the cloud provider - AWS EC2 instances, ECS clusters, RDS DB instances etc. Popular open source Ruby Microservice libraries for developers include:
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