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9 best Ruby Mock libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits ✔

In software development, mock objects simulate the behavior and functionality of real objects, often to simplify unit testing. It is an object that mimics the behavior of another object, typically to simplify the testing of a class. A mock object can also be used to simulate how a client will use an API that hasn't yet been built or isn't ready for use. The procedure is a critical element of extreme programming, which relies on frequent releases in short development cycles and emphasizes comprehensive unit testing to ensure application stability. These are the 9 best Ruby Mock libraries in 2022, pact-ruby - Enables consumer-driven contract testing; Mocha - a mocking and stubbing library for Ruby; RSpec's - 'test double' framework, with support for stubbing and mocking; stripe-ruby-mock - A mocking library for testing stripe ruby.
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