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13 best Python Music Player libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits ✔

Python Music Player libraries like FeelUOwn, Quodlibet, TauonMusicBox, Python-mpd2 are basically a wrapper around the mpd protocol. Each provides a slightly different interface for playing music from your local server or streaming audio from the internet. You can use them to play your own music files (you'll have to convert them to MP3 format) or stream online music from sites like Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube. FeelUOwn is focused on playing music stored on your own computer - so you can use it to play any songs you have stored in your iTunes library. FeelUOwn is a lightweight, easy to use Python library for playing music with the MPD (Music Player Daemon) server. Quodlibet is focused on playing music stored on other people's computers - so you can use it to play any songs they've uploaded to their own websites. Quodlibet is a music player/library written in Python which works with the Music Player Daemon (MPD). Quodlibet supports many features such as album art fetching and tag editing. TauonMusicBox is focused on playing music played by other people (or vice versa). It is an open source library for playing music from various sources. Python-mpd2 is a fork of the original MPD2 music player written in Python. It has been rewritten from scratch to be much more intuitive and user friendly, with a focus on music discovery. Check out the list of free, open source Python Music Player libraries to help you with your projects
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