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9 best JavaScript MVC libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits ✔

JavaScript MVC libraries are great for building web applications. They help you organize your code into components, separate concerns and create a clear separation of the different parts of your app. JavaScript MVC frameworks are used to build complex applications. They are used for designing, developing and building applications. JavaScript MVC libraries like sails, spine, swarm etc. are used to create web applications using JavaScript. Sails is an open-source framework for building dynamic websites with Node.js. It uses a model-view controller (MVC) pattern, which separates the logic from the view. The framework is built on top of Express and Koa, two popular web application frameworks for Node.js. Sails is one of the most popular JavaScript MVC libraries for Rails apps. It provides a simple way to build full-stack web applications with CoffeeScript and supports many other languages. Spine is another popular JavaScript MVC library which has been used by Facebook and Twitter to build backend services like GraphQL and Node-RED. Swarm is a new open source JavaScript MVC library that has been created by Walmart Labs and NPM (Node Package Manager). It's easy to use, features an intuitive API, and lets you build real-time applications quickly and efficiently. The entire list of open source JavaScript MVC libraries is provided below.
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