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5 best Ruby MVC libraries in 2022

by Open Weaver kits ✔

There are several Ruby MVC libraries that you can use to develop web applications. These libraries help you write code in a modular manner, which makes it easier to maintain and extend the application. Serve is a library for serving HTML, CSS and JavaScript content through Rack. It is a Rack middleware that manages the process of rendering HTML and executing JavaScript on the client side. It can be used in conjunction with rackup or RJS handlers. served is one of the most popular libraries in Ruby community. dry-view is a lightweight, high performance implementation of view helpers in Rails 3 and 4 that provides the same interface as the original ActiveRecord::ViewHelpers but with simple syntax. It supports multiple backends (Rack, Nunjucks, Haml) and plugins like head tag support. dry-view is designed for Rails 3 or higher only but it's still usable as a gem in Rails 2 as well. Check out the list of free, open source Ruby MVC libraries to help you with your projects.
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