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VirtualAssistant Kit

by rn8154

This starter kit has all the required kits/libraries for creating your own virtual assistant. It contains various kits for getting started such as follows: 1. Development environment 2. Exploratory data analysis 3. Machine learning 4. Text Mining 5. NLP - sentence embedding, cosine similarities

Development Environment

Jupyter notebook and vscode are used for development and are known as IDEs. To write any code it is necessary to have an development environment setup. Jupyter notebook is web based interactive environment.

Exploratory data analysis

Libraries that deal with arrays and help in data analysis for data engineering. Arrays can be manipulated meaning the dimensions, reshaping, etc.

Machine Learning

Basic machine learning libraries that creates a model and also trains the model using the dataset. Also is used for prediction purposes to test whether model trained is accurate or not.


Libraries in this group are used to clean the dataset by removing all punctuations, digits, symbols, etc. After data preprocessing, the user query is compared with dataset queries via cosine similarity algorithm which will give us the record in dataset which is similar to user query.