Convert Words into Numbers of Speech Recognition Library in Python

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by Abdul Rawoof A R dot icon Updated: Mar 2, 2023

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"Convert Words into Numbers of Speech Recognition Library in Python" refers to a Python program that uses the Speech Recognition library to recognize spoken words and convert them into corresponding numerical values. 

The program listens to spoken words using a microphone and captures the audio input. It then uses the recognize_google() function of the SpeechRecognition library to convert the spoken words into text. The recognized text is then compared to a pre-defined dictionary of words and their corresponding numerical values, and the program returns the numerical value associated with the recognized word.


For example, if the user says "three", the program recognizes the word using the Speech Recognition library and returns the numerical value 3. This conversion from spoken words to numerical values can be useful in various applications, such as voice-controlled calculators or games that require numerical input. 

speech_recognition is a Python library that allows developers to add speech recognition capabilities to their programs. It supports multiple speech recognition engines and provides easy-to-use functions for capturing audio from various sources (such as a microphone or an audio file) and converting it to text. Time is a Python library that provides various time-related functions. It can be used to measure the execution time of code, to add delays between program instructions, or to work with dates and times. The sleep() function in time allows for the program to pause execution for a specified amount of time, which can be useful in certain situations, such as waiting for a user response or for a background task to complete. 

The program demonstrates the basic functionality of speech recognition and how it can be used with other Python libraries to perform simple text-to-value conversions. 

Here is an example of converting words into numbers of speech recognition library in Python: